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The Discussion

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    Pinchas Landa

    There is no match of computer algorithms and database to human brains intelligence creativity - its a fraud, money-making business, that my opinion.

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    @Pinchas Landa: AI (at least machine learning) is simply an alternative way of writing functions. Instead of explicitly creating a series of steps to solve a problem, we instead give the computer examples, a model shape, and a way to optimize the model parameters given the examples. Any attempt to anthropomorphize these things in any way, shape, or form is disingenuous in my opinion. There are indeed certain tasks where this approach works well (just like there are classes of algorithms that tend to solve other problems well also), but like anything in a computer - it sometimes doesn't work. If I remember right we never said anything that would imply these things have the creativity or intelligence of humans - I simply don't believe that at all and would never imply it. Hope this helps! I think we're (mostly) on the same page!
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    @Pinchas Landa:

    Human brain here connected

    Its not fraud

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