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Machine Learning is sometimes confusing. From the esoteric terms to elevated expositions it seems like a terribly difficult area to get into. Since I started as a developer I totally get the mismatch! In this episode we tackle the one term that is used all of the time in Machine Learning: the elusive "model." First we set up how machine learning is different, how to think about it, and finally what a model actually is (spoiler alert - think "a function written a different way"). Would love your feedback!

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The Discussion

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    very timely i asked this question recently on twitter. Didnt get the answer I wanted. Thank You so much
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    Editor IJSMI

    The following book on Machine Learning and Deep Learning can be of help

    Machine Learning: An overview with the help of R software
    ISBN: 978-1790122622

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    Atakan Cetinsoy

    With the hunger for ML education among developers and analysts, we need more accessible content that concentrate on the intuition behind the concepts and algorithms rather than the complex math and statistics.
    Atakan Cetinsoy
    BigML - Machine Learning made easy and beautiful for everyone

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    Thank you Seth! This is the sweet spot I'm looking for, the developer perspective with no math/data science background assumed.
    I'd love more of these breaking down the function shape choice/costs/optimizer functions etc., maybe using ML.NET

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