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Overview of the Microsoft AI School

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This show is a quick overview of the newly-launched AI School. The AI School features the latest and greatest content for developers and data scientists to get started and dive deep into the Microsoft AI platform and deep learning. We will continuously be adding content, so check back often for new resources and tools to get you going with infusing AI into your apps.

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You can email questions and feedback to We look forward to your feedback and content requests.

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The Discussion

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    One of the most awaited show :D #MSRocks #AwesomeAI

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    Really nice, need to hit learning AI at all angles. So Microsoft integrated approach is always welcome.

    Would like to see Microsoft embrace NVidia CuDNN, because many of us cannot afford Azure ML compute costs, and so would prefer to run ML on their own machines/ graphics cards. Ubuntu, Python and Google are way ahead and Microsoft needs to catch up with competing products.

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    Awesome! [H]

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    Dane Watson

    Hello. I started taking the Microsoft: DAT263x Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course, got to Creating an Experiment and didn't like that I can't find the sample dataset he's using. I know theres others available but it's nice the first time thru to follow as closely as possible then start doing variations after you get the same results when working with so many new components/UIs etc... Maybe his data could be added to the default samples?

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    Nice start from Microsoft to help dev community. It would be much beneficial if a couple of trainings provided on the fundamental concepts of AI and different algorithm approaches etc., on a high level to help those who never been close to AI to catchup with rest. :)

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    @Dane Watson: Hi Dane,

    All of the same code and data files used in the course demo's are provided in the Course Handouts section (on the home page of the course). You should be able to grab them from there.

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    Just one thing : Thanks Microsoft 

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    This is great stuff, guys. But just to get real hand on of experience, is there a way that we could get some small amount of Azure budget credit loaded, just for training purposes or some credit expiration date (eg 30 days), so we could play without providing our personal credit card?

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    This is soo cool for AI Enthusiast.

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