PyMLadies – The Back Story

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Find out who Paige Bailey and Lois Smith are in this introduction video to PyMLadies. Two data scientists who explain how they got into the world of Machine Learning, Research, Predictive models and more.



The Discussion

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    From my C# with its strong typing background (intellisense red squiglys compiler corrections and reliable debug), I really came to love productive development in Visual Studio.
    Now I am trying to get to grips with Python, and all the ML libraries (numpy, SkiKit-Learn, TensorFlow etc) under an Anaconda, I am struggling with setting up an agile an responsive Visual Studio, or VCode. I missing reliable intellisense across all those Python libraries, with an interactive console mode, as well debug scripts, where matplot libs displayed. So I am struggling to get to grips with a mix of Notepad++ editing, Spyder and Jupyter Notebooks as lightweight interactive alternatives, with dodgy intellisense with Tab.
    Python is a bit of mind bend for us old strong typed Visual Studio developers.

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    @Jules: Try jetbrains PyCharm Community Edition as an alternative

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