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    From my C# with its strong typing background (intellisense red squiglys compiler corrections and reliable debug), I really came to love productive development in Visual Studio.
    Now I am trying to get to grips with Python, and all the ML libraries (numpy, SkiKit-Learn, TensorFlow etc) under an Anaconda, I am struggling with setting up an agile an responsive Visual Studio, or VCode. I missing reliable intellisense across all those Python libraries, with an interactive console mode, as well debug scripts, where matplot libs displayed. So I am struggling to get to grips with a mix of Notepad++ editing, Spyder and Jupyter Notebooks as lightweight interactive alternatives, with dodgy intellisense with Tab.
    Python is a bit of mind bend for us old strong typed Visual Studio developers.

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    @Jules: Try jetbrains PyCharm Community Edition as an alternative

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