PyMLadies -- What is Data Science?

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Tune into the PyMLadies as they explain what Data Science is. Paige and Lo dive into this hot topic on how a data scientists handle research projects, data, and predictive models. To get started yourself visit



The Discussion

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    There is not href attribute: <a></a>


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    @jvs_ca:Fixed. Thanks!

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    Pretty awesome and enthusiastic, but I do feel a little inadequate now.
    I am not smart enough to contribute to ML Open Source, and only have a single DQN GitHub Repository :(

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    Love the show. Cute beginning to this episode, but height shaming is well on its way to being another form of harassment...

    Just sayin' :S

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    Well done Ladies!  It would be nice to have Microsoft support PyLadies organizations to learn and adopt Microsoft Azure technologies for Data Science.


    Looking forward to further discussions.

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    I have developed better algorithms to predict future, not only applying current process of developing a model, AI has powerful methods to create accurate models.

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