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The Simplest Machine Learning

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The Discussion

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    Bala R Subramanian

    I am making my skill silent-office in silent-office channel a machine learning bot. If you are curious you can find out more at this link:

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    Your downloading links for this show are opening the show and not downloading it!

    I use to download the shows to watch them during my lunch time.

    Would you please correct this issue?


    Eduardo Quintana

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    Yeah I like to think if I had to explain Neural nets it would be like this.
    a) Basic decisions can be made with trivial Pros and Cons Table. b) More complex decisions, like comparing and buying a car, we have weighted decisions. We may argue, or be naïve with the weights, so then when we use our smart weighted table assessment, gives the 'wrong answer' against our sentiment, we would go back and twiddle with our weights, until our weighted spreadsheet gives the right answer. We would then go on and compare with other cars, and make further refinements until the sentiment expressed by the weighted sum meets our opinion. That would be the simple perceptron.
    b) For really complex decisions like buying a house. We have sentiments about parts of the house, and then an aggregated opinions about the whole house. So that basically a stacked assessment. A weighted assessment for the kitchen features, another assessment for the garage features, bedrooms etc, these all combine in next layer as a sentiment about the whole house. Which is sorta like a multi layer perceptron or nueral net decision.

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    Verrry interesting, I am now curious about all AI

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    Junar Jacob

    i like your voice, nice intro in AI

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    Really like this introduce video.

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    This episode came up in my Channel 9 feed and just checked it out.  Awesome stuff!  Thanks!! :)

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    good one!

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