What’s New with Cognitive Services Speech SDK and Speech Devices SDK

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The Discussion

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    Great presentation, had a tinker with this in Sydney, Australia today. LUIS is a little flakey with a number of web socket auth errors when building out a prototype app. Speech SDK is solid.

    During the Keyword Spotting section, (14:55) Rob Chambers mentions a website where you can build out your own custom "wake" word. Can you provide the URL?

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    This seems really amazing. Where do I go to download this SDK? Also, I second the request to provide the URL for create a wake word.

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    Hello, I'm interested in using wake words for applications that run on Windows PCs, not on custom hardware.  I can only seem to find information about using wake words with devices we're designing, and utilizing the hardware from ROOBO to develop it.  Do you have any docs specific to that need?

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