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Here we go again with the 2.0 stuff. We’ve had developer 2.0, web 2.0 soon we will have Ron 2.0. But think about it… 2.0 is just a way of saying that things are changing and we want to talk about the change. Well what’s changing? The web, my friend, the web is changing outside the firewall especially but how will those changes impact inside the firewall? That is the topic today my friends with my special guest, colleague and office neighbor Harry Pierson.





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The Discussion

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    How about an iARCast - support for iTunes? I cant get the XML stream to work, most likely because it contains WMA enclosures?
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    I'm an MCSE/MCSD supporting a large military customer who is struggling at the beginning of migrating their enterprise to SharePoint.  It is very ugly and many people are running around throwing around architecture and knowledge management buzzwords without really knowing what they are talking about.

    After listening to this cast and researching the Enterprise 2.0 buzz, I walked into my customer's office while he was talking on the phone.  I wrote "ENTERPRISE 2.0" on a notepad, handed it to him, and said, "Google this!" and walked out.

    These casts and along with Ron's EPL casts have put me consistently in the position of helping my customer sort out the BS from the beef when it comes to getting sanity into their enterprise architecture.

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    There is an mp3 feed as well as the wma feed.  Have you tried the mp3 feed?
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    Awesome!  I love it - glad to hear ARCast is helping!

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