ARCast – Migrating Legacy Systems to SOA

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Sure if you go looking for information on SOA you can find a ton of stuff about how to write a brand new system with services. But what about taking a legacy system and moving towards a service oriented architecture? Well my guest today Ohad Israeli has done just that with a large legacy system and is here to share his wisdom with you so listen up and learn something.





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    Does anyone else have the consist problems like I do for getting this podcast with iTunes?  iTunes music store is never up to date with the recent edition and I am always getting stuff like "feed may be pointing to text only..." when I subscribe from channel 9 or his other sites.

    Might be time to take some cues from DNR on how to podcast.
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    My apologies to all you iTunes users out there.  Recently due to requests from some folks for better file names I started naming the files with the show name including spaces.

    Soon we found out that the Channel 9 RSS feed is not properly URL Encoding these file names with spaces in them so iTunes was reporting an error.  I've reported this to the C9 dev team so they can fix this and for the time being have reverted back to file names without spaces.

    There is another problem on iTunes.  Apparantly there are two entries for ARCast.  One is ARCast and the other is ARCast with Ron Jacobs.  The "ARCast" one points to a bad feed.  I didn't create either one so I can't fix them.

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    Great show.
    I made a small cartoon about SOA and legacy.
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    No luck at all with iTunes now, because the MP3 RSS feed is spitting out WMA files...

    Also, before the mp3/wma mixup, I was unable to download any of the episodes with the MS-Word-ified "long hyphen" character between "ARCast" and the show title in the filename. The HTML encoding of the long hyphen apparently makes iTunes on the Mac (I know...) choke on the download.
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    Ok - the c9 dev team fixed the feed issues now.  Hope this works!
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    Works perfectly now. Thanks!

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