ARCast – Threading and Async IO with Jeff Richter

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The Discussion

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    Hi Jeff (& Ron Smiley),


    I found the show very interesting, and I hope you have time for a few questions.

    1) So to call a web service using async I/O I just use one of the Begin methods, and thats it? I dont have to launch a thread or anything?

    2) What do I do for other resources like Files or a COM method call?

    Best regards,
    Niels Tindbæk

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    1) That's right. Just call a BeginXxx method. Do not launch your own thread.
    2) The FileStream class offers BeginRead/BeginWrite methods. Use these. For COM methods, you must call them synchronously; or you can spawn a separate thread which calls them synchronously but to the rest of the app it looks like they're being called asynchronously.
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    Hi Jeff,

    As per your article on msdn mag every object has a syncBlockIndex that is used when we lock an object during thread sync, from another webcast on msdn about CLR internals I remember you saying that the same syncBlockIndex is used by garbage collector to mark objects as accessible, what happen when an object is locked and garbage collector runs?


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