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Creating web services? Let’s just admit that it isn’t that hard to create a new one. But how do you build them in the best way, the most appropriate way, the recommended way? My old friends at the patterns & practices team have cranked up the effort and produced a very cool software factory that will help you to build web services with industrial strength. On this episode we are joined by Shy Cohen from the Windows Communication Foundation team and Don Smith from patterns & practices to hear all about it.



The Discussion

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    I can't speak for anyone else but it is getting harder and harder to get podcasts at work these days.  We have a nightmare Blue Coat installation and I have to beg for download locatoins.  I got but not this skyscraper site.  Would it be possible to get the show on the site?

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    Robbie C
    The exception story is one that we've been discussing a lot at work recently.  We decided against including exception types in the WSDLs to ensure greater simplicity and instead use a set of common fault codes (across several services).  It's not a million miles away from the exception shielding that Don was discussing here. 

    I like the sound of the data contract, it reminds me of a podcast you had with Martin Folwer I believe about consumer driven contracts. 

    Cool stuff Smiley
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    Are you having trouble downloading the podcast from

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