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Topic Maps describe a way in which complex relationships between abstract concepts and real-world resources can be described and interchanged using a standard XML syntax.  If that sounds like something you don’t need to know about… think again.  In this episode Ron gets down to practical applications of topic maps with Kal Ahmed as discussed in Kal’s article Applied Topic Maps in Microsoft Architecture Journal 6.

Kal Ahmed
Kal has worked in SGML and XML information management for 10 years working in both software development and consultancy. He is well-known in the topic map community for his work on the open source Java topic map toolkit, TM4J and for his contributions to development of the ISO standard. Kal has published many articles on topic maps and topic map-related themes and is a frequent conference speaker.
Kal is now co-founder of Networked Planet Limited, a company developing topic map tools and topic maps-based applications for the .NET platform.




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