ARCast - Architecting CommSee - Services (Bonus Video)

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Service Orientation is to many people nothing more than an industry buzzword but to the team at CBA it is a reality. Find out how they built the services that support over thirty thousand users across Australia and link together the banks many legacy systems to produce new value from existing applications.



The Discussion

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    I got a lot from that video, thanks Ron!

    The main thing I'm taking from the video is SOFA, this is a fantastic idea and works on so many different levels.

    Not only to make it easy for developers to code against but also reduces the complexity of integration so other systems can take advantage of this layer promoting reuse.

    It would be nice to have some more information on this, perhaps an article in the next edition of Journal ?

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    Great idea about the article.  I'll check on that.  In the meantime we have more video to come from CBA -  a total of 5 videos in all so there will be much more ahead.

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