ARCast - ERP in a Web 2.0 World with Paul Knopf (Part 1)

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Quick – what category of software do you think of when I say “stodgy” or “monolithic”? What could be more stodgy and monolithic than ERP? And yet I was pleasantly surprised, nay even amazed to meet Paul Knopf the chief architect from QAD one of the world’s leading ERP vendors at the Spark conference where the discussion was very much about web 2.0 and software as a service. Needless to say after a very interesting discussion during a break in the proceedings I thought to myself that this was a guy who needed to come on ARCast.


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The Discussion

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    With regard to your point about using RSS in ERP.
    Can we take on vote on how many people out there are getting information overload because of RSS? Personally i've stopped using my rss client for reading blogs a while ago and switched to podcast instead because I find that I simply could not keep up with the amount of information I am bombarded with.

    Maybe RSS is not for everything. there is also a issue of security/authentication which need to be address if exposing ERP data through RSS. Maybe the job of disseminating information from ERP to supplier, customer ought to be left for custom message centers built as part of the ERP.

    Just my thoughts.
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    Information overload is a problem to be sure but custom built message centers restrict the access to information to a specific use case of a person reading the information.

    The beauty of RSS is that it opens the information to multiple use cases even ones that you don't anticipate up front.   The information in the ERP system is valuable information, why not unlock at least some aspects of this information?

    As for security - yes most certainly it is a requirement.  RSS feeds can be secured like any other web request so I don't believe the requirements are insurmountable.

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