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Now that the big game is over (almost – just need to ship Entlib now) Ron sat down for a quick chat with Scott Densmore and Tom Hollander to ask them to peer into the crystal ball and predict Enterprise Library futures as well as other potential application blocks and libraries. Plus the question that everybody really wants to know… What does it take to covert a large .NET 1.1 library to .NET 2.0?




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The Discussion

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    You have been a busy man.  Keep them coming.
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    You have no idea Wink
    I have a stack of ARCasts in the queue - and more coming every day...
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    El Bruno
    donny ? duny ?
    How do I write this word ??? Tongue Out:P

    3 months learning Config ?? And after this I use in 5 minutes ??? Thanks a lot Big Smile

    Great webcast ... I really preffer this kind of "close up" where we can meet you a little more Big Smile

    Bye from Spain
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    Anyone else having problems with these downloading correctly in iTunes.  Some of them downloaded ok, but starting with this one they fail with an obscure error -50?



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    I also am having problems download files since "Deployment In The Realworld - Microsoft IT and Headtrax". For that podcast a file was created called "150155_ARCast 20051219 - Deployment In The Realworld - Microsoft IT and Headtrax.mp3". When one edits this file in Notepad this is what is in the file "<h1>Bad Request</h1>".

    I am using Juice Podcast receiver v2.2.

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    I use Juice to subscribe to my feed just so I can be sure that everything is working correctly and haven't noticed any problems so it may have been a transient one.

    We did find that iTunes doesn't like file names with spaces in them so I started posting files without spaces in the name.

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