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    You have been a busy man.  Keep them coming.
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    You have no idea Wink
    I have a stack of ARCasts in the queue - and more coming every day...
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    El Bruno
    donny ? duny ?
    How do I write this word ??? Tongue Out:P

    3 months learning Config ?? And after this I use in 5 minutes ??? Thanks a lot Big Smile

    Great webcast ... I really preffer this kind of "close up" where we can meet you a little more Big Smile

    Bye from Spain
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    Anyone else having problems with these downloading correctly in iTunes.  Some of them downloaded ok, but starting with this one they fail with an obscure error -50?



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    I also am having problems download files since "Deployment In The Realworld - Microsoft IT and Headtrax". For that podcast a file was created called "150155_ARCast 20051219 - Deployment In The Realworld - Microsoft IT and Headtrax.mp3". When one edits this file in Notepad this is what is in the file "<h1>Bad Request</h1>".

    I am using Juice Podcast receiver v2.2.

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    I use Juice to subscribe to my feed just so I can be sure that everything is working correctly and haven't noticed any problems so it may have been a transient one.

    We did find that iTunes doesn't like file names with spaces in them so I started posting files without spaces in the name.

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