ARCast - Going Mobile with SQLServer Compact Edition

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Do you remember when having a mobile phone was a big deal? I can still recall the time when I bought my first “Car Phone” as we called it. It came with a big box that you put under the seat and worked only in the car. It was pretty cool. Then later I got a big phone that I carried with me on trains and planes and when I made a call people would stare and comment on how important I must be to have such a device. Today even my 12 year old has a mobile phone and my 8 year old wants one. No doubt about it; mobile devices are becoming more and more important every day and I believe that they will become the most pervasive computing platform over time. The question I have is, what do architects need to know about designing solutions for this platform? Well on this episode I’m joined by Nick Randolph .Net Compact Framework MVP who has been building solutions and has some thoughts for us.



The Discussion

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    Hi Ron,

    I am an experienced software developer, systems integrator, systems analyst....
    I live in Denmark and my drive to work takes approx. 40min each way. I love your talks; I love learning new stuff while driving home; so much time is wasted in car - but not anymore Smiley Thanks Ron!

    I get so many new idears to solutions listening to your podcast. I really liked you talk about SQLServer Compact Edition and talk about developing mobile applications; more of that  - more of that please Smiley

    Kindest regards

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