ARCast - Hey Architects! Meet the Office 2007 System (Part 1 of 2)

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So you thought you knew all about Office 2007 right? Word, Excel PowerPoint and Outlook – the big 4 that we have known and loved for so long but on this episode we are going to hear from Jay Paulus from the Office 2007 team to talk about the many new possibilities abounding in Office 2007.




SQL Server

The Discussion

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    POST YOUR FILES ON CHANNEL9!!!  Why is it so hard for this site to be consistent with the media post locations? is a broken link.

    Sometimes I think the content (all of channel9) is somewhat valuable and yes I know it is free but my time is worth something to me as well.  It is 2006 and this type of thing should be Au-To-Matic.  With the missing files and lame redirects that break aggregator downloads you are making the user experience frustrating.  I am removing my channel9 subscriptions and hope you improve things before you loose more listeners.  Maybe I'll check you guys out again down the road.

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    Hi Ron,
    Hello my friend!
    I love your show I have heard most every thing you’ve produced that I could get my hands on, there is no so much in Cordoba Argentina that reflects so quickly the changing world of MS development architecture, it is a far away world south down here.

    My contact today is also to complain first the volume in the last podcasts I found that your volume is fine although a little low, the volume of your guests is too low to be heard.

    And now the missing file, I will not leave CH9 because of the missing link, but guys can you please do something about these things?

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    Hi Ron

    Just tried downloading the latest ARCast but the link still seems to be broken.

    (I've been slack on the Rottnest photo front...I haven't forgotten!)


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    Channel 9 has nothing to do with missing or broken external podcast links.... Ron needs to fix this (it's probably just missing files on his server or bad urls).


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    Sorry for the drama folks - the URL link has been fixed now.
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    Sorry about the URL mixup - my bad.  As for the file locations ARCast is actually syndicated to a number of different sites and we decided to host the media files elsewhere.   We made the change back in July sometime and we will be very consistent about the location from this point onward.  Now if we can just do something about my typos...
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    Ok - I updated the audio to be a little louder - hope that it is better now.

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