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So you want to be agile eh? Who doesn’t these days? So much has been written about the process of agile development but you don’t hear much about agile architecture or who the architect fits into the agile team. Some people speak about agile as though there is no architecture but nothing could be further from the truth according to Colin Bird CTO of Conchango who is here today to give you the low down on this agile world we live in.





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The Discussion

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    Robbie C
    Hey Ron,

    Nice coverage of agile development.  I work for a massive company and I'm fortunate enough to work in an area where agile is growing.  It'll take time to spread through the company, as in any big company with people struggling to move away from waterfall.  But we'll get there.

    This podcast was a good introduction to agile development, but there's also so much more to read up on.  Colin recommended a great book in Poppendieck, also check out Agile Project Management with Scrum by Schwaber for more detail on the day to day delivery using Scrum.

    Keep it up


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