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Of all the things that people have asked me for over my years at Microsoft; object persistence has to be near the top. We still don’t have it in the .NET framework but the community got tired of waiting and went out and ported a Java framework known as Hibernate to .NET to create NHibernate. My guest on this show Ben Day has been doing a lot of work with NHibernate and was speaking at VSLive San Francisco on the subject so I grabbed him to get the scoop.


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The Discussion

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    You must be going for a world record for most podcasts over 5 min in length in a one month period.  Keep them coming.

    Tim Murphy
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    Heh - I have a mountain of recordings in the can - it's my job after all Wink
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    >>We still don’t have it in the .NET framework

    Wait a Second. Then, What's Serialization for ? Is'nt it Object Persistance ?

    The 14 Year Old Kid
    Blogs here.

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    Good, because I am always looking for more to learn while commuting in Chicagoland traffic.
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    Serialization is not the same thing as what most people think of when they refer to object persistence.  I suppose it would be possible to create your own serialization implementation and then use it do persist objects but the serializer(s) that exist in .NET today serialize to XML or to a binary format for .NET remoting.

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