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    Excellent show, Ron! You really got me thinking.

    I've juts blogged about the idea of specifying a "detail level" in the objects you might request from a service.
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    Thanks so much - I'm actually going to be giving an updated version of the Patterns and Anti-Patterns talk at this years Tech-Ed in Boston on 6/14.  I'm trying to work on getting a camera crew there so we can get a video of it.  Glad to know this work has sparked some thinking in your mind.
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    Hey Ron - hope you're having fun at TechEd this week. Wink

    I was listening to the SOA patterns talk this morning on the way to work, and here I am now trying to get some stuff done with the Sharepoint web services. I'm not sure if the Sharepoint team have "fixed" the SP web services for the v3.0 release. If not, can you hold them down and make them listen to this webcast? Cheers, and looking forward to some more great stuff!
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    Hello Ron,

    I have listening and studying most of the things you have been involved with for the last 4 years. Starting from the blocks, webcasts, etc/ and now the arccasts.

    It seems to me that your presentation skills have improved quite a bit so I wanted to congratulate you for that. Honestly I did not like all that fake and fun stuff that you use to do a little bit too much before, now it seems to be a good mix, I agree with you that things should not be taken too seriously because then we forget about how much fun it is to do it. But the content and the information you provide have been very valuable to the companies I have worked for and myself, so thank you very much.

    The reason of the present is to ask you for contact information for Danny Boyton (name speeling as well), the person you interviewed in this arccast. It seems that him and I have taken very similar paths when it comes to architecture.

    Since before PDC in LA I have been wondering about workflow and Coarse Interfaces common to xml web services. I see work flow as a visitor pattern to many applications probably provided as an xml web service in itself. It seems to me that workflow foundation works better with finer granular interfaces in particular when you want to handle transactions and all that.  I did not get a chance to implement the workflow visitor pattern concept I had in mind, but It is still something I want to figure out completely.  Id did get to develop a workflow as a service utilizing strongly typed datasets as the state machine, it works very well and it is easy to visualize. The dataset not only provides the state but also a dataset derived class provides the engine, that can be consumed by any lager.

    So there it is, workflow as a visitor is mostly and important visitor that captures and provides information that help the business logic control its own transactions (because of coarse granular interfaces, the buisnes logic does quite a bit). Yes the workflow controls long-lived transactions whose roll back procedures are not left to the underlying structures (, .net framework, sql server, etc.) but to the workflow itself and to additional business logic.

    Anyhow I would appreciate very much if you provide me with Danny Boyton's contact information. I am not even sure how to spell his name; after all it is an arccast.Smiley right?

    Thanks Ron and keep up the good work.


    Luis G Gonzalez
    self proclaimed enterprise architect, systems architect, and applications architect.

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    Hey Luis - unfortunately I don't have Denny's contact information anymore.  Maybe Denny will read this and get in touch with me so I can get you two connected.

    Thanks for listening to ARCast!
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    Hey, all.

    I just sent an email to Ron with my contact information for Luis in the post above and realized that I too can post a message to this board. [A]

    So, for anyone interested in conversing on SOA or related topics, the correct spelling of my name is Denny Boynton and my personal email address is (easy to remember)

    Please feel free to contact me.


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