ARCast - Perspective Based Architecture

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What’s your perspective? According to my dictionary a perspective is a particular evaluation of something: a particular evaluation of a situation or facts, especially from one person's point of view. When it comes to architecture, much of the work is simply gathering input from many different perspectives and taking them all into account as you plan the system. Perspective is the key word in an architecture methodology developed by Lewis Curtis and Brian Derda so listen up as they share their insights into this new method.



The Discussion

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    Probably was my MP3 device but I could not hear this issue it was to low, are you checking the volume of the episodes?

    Keep the good work

    Sergio of Argentina

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    Sorry about that - I'll up the volume on this when I get back from the ARCast Down Under Tour on Friday.
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    Ok - I updated the mp3 and wma files to make the audio louder.  Thanks for letting me know.
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    Ashok Guduru

    I'm not able to find the media link in this page. Where it is? Is this not available or removed?

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