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Do you ever get worried about security? Ever find yourself thinking “I wonder if I know as much as I should about this?” Well if you don’t, perhaps you should my friend. Because we all need to be better educated on security – top to bottom – each of us must know the threats and the countermeasures to stop attackers from breaking into our systems. My guest on today’s episode is no stranger to security. Keith Brown has long been recognized as one of the top security guys in the world and we have him right here for you so listen up an learn something.


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The Discussion

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    Interesting timing on this one.  We just had Akshay from the ACE team out at the CNUG meeting last night.  Seems to be a lot going on in this space right now.  I blogged a summary of the event.
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    Robbie C
    Hey Ron, Keith.

    Great episode!  I'm a graduate software engineer and they're pushing security hard at work.  They're pushing policy and procedures upon us but it's good to hear that security isn't all paper pushing and locking down the network!  Keith has raised some really interesting points with some good examples. 


    - Robbie
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    No problem - security is huge and we intend to cover it from every angle. 

    Tune in... Turn on... Keep Up!

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