ARCast - Web 2.0 and the Edge with Mike Platt (Part 1)

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“You affect the world by what you browse.”
- Tim Berners-Lee inventor of the World Wide Web
Web 2.0? Shouldn’t we be at Web 15.3 by now? Well I don’t know who decides this whole version thing but apparently the web is changing all around us. All I have to do is watch my teenage son creating his page on Myspace to see it in action. You see my son represents the edge of this new wave according to my guest today Mike Platt. We recently sat down for a long chat about the edge and what this will mean for architecture.


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The Discussion

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    I really enjoyed part one of this podcasts and definitely look forward to part two which I will check out shortly. I think the advantage of this longer format is that you could get into more detail on some crucial topics, in particular, the kinds of monetization options that can be derived from web 2.0 initiatives. I agree that some of these things still need to be developed further, but the first step is to define the options, whether it's subscriptions or advertising or some combination. I know this is an important topic with my clients and it's great you drilled down into some detail here. In my work in the SAP software and SAP consulting field, there is the sense that web 2.0 will impact the corporate enterprise, and also individual consultants, but we're still trying to see how those changes will unfold. These kinds of podcasts are really helpful to set the context for all this.

    Having re-listened to this installment, I wanted to say that the discussion of how the concept of the long tail fits into web 2.0 was really interesting. I also really liked the comparison between web 1.0 revenue models (more like newspaper business models) and the web 2.0 revenue model, which is still being defined but is a whole different value proposition. I also think that the point about the value in aggregating data and information in a useful way is huge. This sets up the great discussion on tagging in the next installment with Mike.
    Ron, great work. Keep it up!

    - Jon Reed,

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