ARCast - Web Services Security Patterns (Part 1)

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The Discussion

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    The canned audience reactions are a bit much. Please restrain yourself in the future.

    Good overview content. Not much useful, yet, but I anxiously await part II.

    And BTW, the symbol for gold is "Au", not "A". But the mnemonic still works.

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    I would have to agree about the audience effects.  I don't mind the cheering at the beginning and end, but lose the laugh track and shock.

    I also wanted to comment on the two part format.  My drive to work is long enough to listen an entire hour or more.  Would it be possible to put the media out as both complete and multi part format (like DotNetRocks does) when you are repackaging the webcasts?  The most annoying part is that you don't put out both parts on the same day.  It make listening very disconnected.

    Tim Murphy
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    Presentation should treat audiences as professionals. As mentioned in the previos please refrain as much as possible.



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