ARCast.TV - DinnerNow - Architecture Overview and Workflow

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    Great idea... I'm meeting up with the DinnerNow team in Australia at their Tech-Ed to record some updates to the DinnerNow v.Next story.  I'll ask them about this.
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    Yes, we will put some of those together, once we have some time to catch our breath.  We will probably do that with some of the Orcas Beta 2 (sorry, VS 2008) stuff that just dropped, as we have a nice set of labs and other content for that.


    Any other suggestions, let us know, we're listening!

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    Thanks guys for picking up the ball and making an effort to follow-up with the Issues and Discussions on CodePlex, and for posting a Beta 2 drop. I really hope Microsoft supports DinnerNow all the way through to the final build of VS 2008, .NET 3.5, and Windows Server 2008, because it might take longer than that for me to glean from all the exciting information in the project. Big Smile

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