Architecting CommSee - User Experience Design (Bonus Video)

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    Hello Ron, The CommSee arcast were very interesting and I hope that there will be white papers and more inofrmation about the system and their architecture. I have many many questions at all levels about the CommSee project but would like to read more about it before asking them. Are or would there be any sources available that you know of? So for now I wanted to ask you a simple question. I kind of heard of EDRA before, but when I went into looking for recent information about EDRA I found practically nothing. Is the Services Factory replacing EDRA or is it an improved EDRA, are these two separate projects evolving today? A very genral question is what would CommSee do different with the new technology of today? inparticular Communication Foundation, and WorkFlow foundation? Also I still favor strongly typed internal entites instead of dealing with pure xml across all layers. It seems that CommSee is dealing with XML all the time. I believe the benefits of strongly typed representations may have a cost on serialization and deserialization but probably a typed object is much smaller than an xml object, also type manipulation is more performat, simplifies maintenance and error detection at compilation time. It s doubful tha txPath and is text search engine could be as fast as traversing a stronly type collection. etc etc. I believe we agree but your comments will help clearing the issue. Hopefully one of this days there will be a mano a mano between utilizing strongly typed dataset and other type of objects as boundary entities. Also at some point I thought that datasets were a w3c standard as well. There are too many advantages about utilizing typed datasets over custom collections and maybe an arcast where you play evils advocate against your own optinion could help. Thank you Ron and keep up the good work Cordially, Luis G Gonzalez Architect Las Vegas

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