ARCast.TV - App Of The Future: The Internet Service Bus (Part 2 of 2)

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Ever wonder what apps will be like in 2010?  Its not that far off really.  I was thinking about this when I heard what the BizTalk Services team did and saw their previous C9 video.

So I pinged John Shewchuk and David Wortendyke to ask them if they would think about the app of the future with me and how it relates to the ISB.

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The Discussion

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    Hello Ron I was wondering if you could provide some references to the current work done on ISB as mentioned in this two webcasts, in particular architectural diagrams, etc. I have done quite a bit of work on this area and would like to compare notes sort of speak. It also would be good if we get some contact informatin and ways to participate in the ISB project Thanks Ron and keep u p the good work Luis Gonzalez
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    What is happening with ISB these days?  Have not heard any more about it.  tia

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