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The ongoing economy unraveling is the defining moment of our time. Many professional developers are fearful for their livelihood, as employers and customers cut and slash development plans, and as economic activity grinds to a halt. But not everywhere. In centers of technical excellence and innovation such as the Silicon Valley, the major players, from investors to industry leaders, are aligning themselves with the next boom in software, a field Juval Lowy calls the Energynet. Alternative energy covers a wide range, from new cars, to micro renewal sources energy producers, infrastructure upgrades to charge stations and distribution, new power and transformation grids, and integration of billing systems, let alone commercial building and homes modification. And the key for making all that work is software. We simply cannot make the physics or the chemistry substantially better, but we can profoundly integrate systems, iron out inefficiency, automate and vertically integrate energy trading, production and consumption; and the key to all of that is great software. This massive new software system is the Energynet, and the analogy to the Internet is a good one - instead of packets and request the Energynet transfers watts and usage data, connecting anything and everything in the energy market. In this unique session, Juval Lowy presents the case for the next boom in software, shares personal observation and perspectives, and points out the skills and expertise required of developers that want to not only survive but thrive on the next boom in software.



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    Ashith Raj

    As Juval is a software legend.. he has nailed what will be the next boom.. .NET developers start thinking in terms of WATTs and OHMs and put your training efforts in to Azure, .NET Services bus and WCF.

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    What a pile of twaddle!

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    I had to check that this wasn't posted on April Fools Day. Yet another weird one from Juval Lowy. Even weirder is why you would publish this pile of twaddle - is he THAT influential?

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    As someone that is in the field trust me he is on to something here.  There is tons and tons of money to be made in energy and technology.  They are very, very lacking in this market as the Honeywell's, Johnson's have been standing pat for the past decades.  Most people and businesses have very little clue about their actual energy usage and cost.  They don't realize they're being screwed by energy companies using out dated technology.  But hey the more people want to ignore the more business for me. 


    Here's a hint go check out one of Cisco's latest acquisitions.  

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