Access Power Tip: Use the IsClient() expression to conditionally run VBA from Web forms

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In this episode, Kerry Westphal explains how to use the IsClient() expression to branch your logic depending on whether the form is running in the client or on the Web. In this way, Web forms can take advantage of the client richness, while also bringing the same form to the browser. She walks through an example of how to use the expression to run the client macro SaveAsOutlookContact from a Web form.


For more information check out the Access 2010 Intro series at the Access team blog.



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The Discussion

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    Good video, but next time I suggest moving a little slower and pausing on the important screens so that it is easier to see what is going on.


    Keep up the great work!

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    The zip code field in the contacts sample you use does not appear to have the correct property set on it to allow that field to import.  This is evident in your video as well.  Perhaps you can tell the right people to fix that sample before final version comes out.  It can be manualy fixed using an old module posted on the access team blog. Smiley

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