The Access Show: How the Microsoft Legal Department Uses Access 2010 Web Databases

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    I was very impressed with Office 2010 click-to-run beta but didn't get a chance to test MS Access.  I'll just wait till it RTMs now.  But by all accounts, it seems like Access is one the most improved products in the Office 2010 suite.  I'm looking at it as a way to quickly develop a custom solution for our boutique recruiting business.  The key feature that is very attractive to me is the ability to publish the data + forms in a collaborative workspace.  Each of our four member team work out of their home offices.  Prior to 2010, MS Access did not accommodate  a remote workgroup scenario well.  SharePoint Designer is decent but it is a bit to developer centric.  So if this works, I see MS Access being a hit with power users once again.


    The two things I'll be researching...

    1.  Will Access Services be available with our Office Live Small Business workspace and/or Live SkyDrive?

    2.  Can we have a link in the webform to create a datasource for Word Mail Merge purposes.  For example, we may have active candidates who want to keep ontop of new opportunities requiring a particular expertise.  When viewing the list of candidate matches in the web form, I'd like to click on a button to popup Word Mail Merge with datasource already set for the same underlying query/filter.


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    When it comes to web-resident database apps, I like InfoDome ( - it provides a Flash UI-based online relational database that allows robust and flexible importing of Access and Excel files, visual form design and reporting, dynamic reports, easy form embedding, selective sharing, and a desktop app-like experience. Well worth checking out.

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    Brice It

    Access as a web tool is S*H#I.T......that is NOT what MS Access was designed to be or ever do. You can never do more than you were designed to be......Microsoft Office, since 2007 has JUMPED THE SHARK....


    Microsoft doesn't give a S*H#I.T about its user base....its focus is on the NEWBIE users who don't take the time to learn NEW SKILL SETS....which is why that Piece of S*H#I.T ribbonX technology was developed....


    I personally won't use or purchase any more MS Office products - sticking with MS Office 2003.....and if I ever consult again, I will AGGRESSIVELY PURSUE A DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY WITH COMPANIES TO MOVE THEM RETROGRADE TO MS OFFICE 2003 IF THEY are using new versions of Office.....


    Microsoft is a dying company.....while I certainly don't think winapps are dead.....WPF, MS Blend....and all those other BS apps are overkill for true software development in my opinion.....


    One of the best MS tools ever created was Front Page....and Microsoft S.H.I.#T canned that for some clunky version of Web Developer .Net atrocity....


    Don't get me wrong....I love VB.Net....I'm a fan....but SQL Server blows and ANY backend technology by MS blows as well....but I do think MS nailed it with its front-end development tools like Visual Studio.....


    Microsoft BLEW IT WITH MS Access 2007 +.....

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    Very interesting post. 


    I sure would like to see more "How Microsoft uses its own software to run its businesses" videos.  There should a tag for these type of videos.

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    very impressed with Office 2010 beta, click Run, but the ability to use MS Access experience. Wait for rTMS. But by all accounts, it appears that access is one of the most improved in the Office 2010 suite. I am looking for a quick way to a good solution for our boutique recruitment business. The main feature that is very interesting to me the possibility of data in a shared workspace to publish forms +. Each member of our team of four people working in home offices. . , .Before 2010, MS Access is not suitable for the group stage of telework. SharePoint Designer is reasonable, but is a bit "in the center to cooperate. So if this works, see MS Access is a success

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