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    Very nice demo.  I hope Office Live Small Business will be updated to support publishing Access databases/webforms.

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    Very nice indeed, is the web-based restaurant management system available on file? I'm particularly interested in how the report described at 27:00 on the video was made.

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    I am quite surprised to see the kind of functionality you can get with Access on the Web.  My first thought was that trying to write a web applicaiton by use of Macros was a bit rediculous.  But I think I am going to have to adjust my thinking.  There are not many with the talent of Jeff Conrad.  But if the rest of us mere mortals are able to do half of what the demo shows, I can see a real advangate for small to medium sized businesses.


    Often what is most important is not what is said, but what is not said.  I am hoping there are not big gotchas hidden behind the PR.  If not, Access on the web has possibilities.  I still think, for myself, and for some clients, I will do them and me a service by connecting them to developers using upper-end tools like .NET, but for things that don't require that kind of horse power, this is encouraging.


    Thank you.  I look forward to the book.


    Woody - (Information Solutions)  Sacramento

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    Can I connect my outlook contacts to a web database?

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    Sami Shamma

    I am now on chapter 12 of the book.  The book is very good; however, I am having problems running the Contact Database on the CD, there seems to be linked data that I can not locate.
    Can anyone suggest what to do, thanks 

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