The Access Show: Managing Access Databases with SharePoint

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The Discussion

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    Great Session!

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    Sharepoint is a great product for those who can utilize it but what about for those who cannot utilize it or the product is not that needed to implement?


    I really think it would be better for Microsoft to give an Option aside from Sharepoint and SQL server. 


    This option is what we asked since version 2000:  Access database file size limit - 2 gig upsizing to greater heights compare to MySQL which is free.


    1.  Though it is said that we can create multiple database (backend) but it is also recommended to keep all tables in one DB, therefore, sooner or later, it will outgrow the size limit.


    2.  Though it is said that there is MS SQL, different users have different knowledge level for different tools.  Since we are users in Access, therefore we are looking this after in Access.


    3.  Basically same as I have posted here:


    This will surely satisfy the customers needs and wants.

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