Tutorial: Publish a Access 2007 database to the web

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Access 2010 allows people to publish databases to the web. This is a short introduction by Ryan McMinn that shows you how to check web compatibility, publish to an Access Services enabled server, and create a simple web experience.



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The Discussion

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    ok what abt this cenario


    i am making access database upload it to the site and developing program using visual studio that can interact with it


    is that possible


    and if so what is the connection string will be in this case



    really good work

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    @athman our tables become standard sharepoint lists. So you can work with them the same way you can work with any sharepoint list in Visual Studio.

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    and if i am not familiar with sharepoint



    can u later make video in how to grab data to ur program later in next episodes




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    Two questions:


    - What minimum version of Sharepoint Server is required for this to work?  Our company has only Standard version of sharepoint which does not have business data center, report center and database connections.


    - Since Access databases are targeted primarily for semi-professinal developers and power users running small applications, who usually do not have much access to corporate Sharepoint Server, would Local Sharepoint Site Admin permissions be enough for Database Publishing to work? Let's say I am not a Sharepoint admin, just a regular user and have my own user site on sharepoint server which I am an "administrator" of. Would I be able to publish Access Database in this case? I know I can not publish sharepoint web parts created in Visual Studio.



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    @ Ivan_ - Minimum version of SharePoint is likely going to be the Enterprise edition. You simply need the permission to create sites to publish and edit Access Services applications. If you can create a site--you should have the permissions to create apps. Smiley

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    Ok, so it looks like this won't work for us, since we only have Standard not Enterprise Edition.


    But you probably looked at how many organizations (and users with in it) are using Standard versus Enterprise and made your decision accordingly.

    Our 40K user organization won't be able to use this feature. Sad

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    very interesting. with your permission, i'd like to repost this on my blog with reference to your site.


    on the other hand, will there be a size limit issue with the access database running online? like the number of open tables, user access etc?

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    Hey, i'd like to do this...But the 'Publish' button is whited out.  Its there but its not active and won't let me press it.  Can you explain what this means and how i can get around it?


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    can you email me back at    david.rohm@att       dot    com

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    Nicholas Marks


    I watched yout video (http://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Access/Tutorial-Publish-a-Access-2007-database-to-the-web) and noticed your Access has a File tab.

    Can you let me know how to display that?

    In my Access 2007 i just have the standard Home, Create, Database Tools and External Data tabs showing.

    I was hoping to follow your exmaple but without the tab showing I can't do so.

    Do I need something running on my machine such as Sharepoint Server?



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    Nicholas Marks

    Addendumbass: Your using Access 2010!

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    Hi Ryan, Great Video.
    I have this scenario that i am trying to acheive.
    I have a 2007 database with 6 or so linked tables to allow multiple access the data files.
    It created a trial database to test & it seems that you cannot have a web based form that is part of a kinked table manager.

    Am i doing something wrong? or is this a limitation of web based files?
    PLZ help

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    Gabriel C Barkers

    I want to used this ttutorial to teach some students in computer science

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