A look at the future with James Whittaker

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I've had the opportunity to talk to many people at Microsoft who grab your attention. James Whittaker is a little different, he will wrestle you for your attention and take it with him on the way out. I joined James in his favorite local pub to talk about technology, the singularity, augmenting humans with machines, and the challenges of a limitless future. 





The Discussion

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    Well, now I want to hang and talk with James Whittaker at a brew pub.  James, if you are ever in the Cleveland area, your first Stout and IPA are on me!

    Very interesting video, thank you Larry.


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    James Whittaker

    Well brewpubs are my natural habitat so if I am ever in Cleveland that is where you will find me! Watch @docjamesw on Twitter. I announce all my trips and pub-staggers there.

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    Lots of talk, but nothing much said

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    Magali Zwanson

    James I love your vision and enthusiasm and once upon a time I craved that kind of digital utopia. But the great coming software war is going to be between Cloud and Peer-to-Peer after the horrific abuses of government spying become more widely known. Users are beginning to dream of a world without servers because their safety requires it. They realize that they can cooperate to find the information each other needs without requiring some pervasive hive mind. Absolute data is absolute power, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The machines will be the most perfectly corrupted.

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