How to Control Stage Fright

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In this episode James conquers the subject of stage fright. You will discover that its cause is evolutionary (it's not your fault and you are not broken) and can't be wholly defeated, but your brain can be manipulated to make it work for you instead of against you.

The stage offers A LOT of career benefits so don't pass up this opportunity to learn how to ascend the stage with power.



The Discussion

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    Marvelous talk.  While I don't have your experience, I will disagree with the edits on the day of the talk.   I understand your reasoning for it, but, man, that would have me second-guessing myself the rest of the day.  

    This reminds me of marathon training advice.  Train right, get your gear setup the night before, and sleep the best you can.  If you like oatmeal for breakfast, eat oatmeal on the morning of every training run and on race day.  Nothing changes.  On the big day, keep EVERYTHING the same and go kick *.

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    @chlsmith: Well, I would agree that you have to be careful not to undermine the confidence you have established with your talk. But, I might suggest that your confidence with the subject is fundamentally more important than your confidence with the talk itself. Day-of changes will happen either because you make them yourself or circumstances cause them: it's important be so comfortable and confident with the subject matter that changes like this don't wreck your talk. Look: this sort of flexibility will be your saving grace when the inevitable projector fail, mic fail, venue/time change, or whatever happens and you have to roll with the punches. A marathon is always the same distance and the same track. A talk is organic. Everything changes. And, if you rely on it NOT changing, it might hurt.

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