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Play - CleanProject - Cleans Visual Studio Solutions For Uploading or Email

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    Neat. However, I was thinking that maybe /Y would be a better switch than /Q ? The same way copy and xcopy use it.

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    @Andrew_Morton:Good point... perhaps I'll add that

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    Jesper Niedermann

    Hi Ron, Nice tool. Many versions of it has been made by many people over the years including me :)

    But then back in 2009 I made an even better way for VS2008. A zipper called solzip that also removes source control bindings and packs your code in a convenient zip file by using a right click menu in the solution explorer. Extremely convenient.

    Inspired by your effort. I finally got around to updating it for VS2010. Thank you for that kick in the ... :)

    You can find it in the Extension Manager in VS2010 or at

    I also provide a commandline an even an edition for GAX factories.

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