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Play - Workflows in Azure AppFabric Applications
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The Discussion

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    Thiago Almeida

    Great stuff, have tried this out and can certainly see good value in this.
    Two must haves:
    - Content based routing
    - Make it easy to add external service references and add references to SBv2 queues and topic services to workflows

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    Great presentation. Is this demo available to download?

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    @EduSo:Absolutely, you can download the samples (including ContosoPizza) here: 

    You can also get the SDK and VS Tools on this page too. Enjoy!









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    I managed to provision the Contoso Pizza in the emulator but when I press the button for ordering the pizza I get a fat internal server error 500. The stack says something like "response message does not match the content type of the binding" which I presume has to do something with the WCF settings. Any idea what could resolve this?

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