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Workflow in the cloud... it's like a silver lining just waiting to happen.  In this episode I'm joined by Josh Twist Workflow PM who will show you how you can use Workflow in Windows Azure AppFabric.

Ron Jacobs
Twitter: @ronljacobs



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The Discussion

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    Thiago Almeida

    Great stuff, have tried this out and can certainly see good value in this.
    Two must haves:
    - Content based routing
    - Make it easy to add external service references and add references to SBv2 queues and topic services to workflows

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    Great presentation. Is this demo available to download?

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    @EduSo:Absolutely, you can download the samples (including ContosoPizza) here: 

    You can also get the SDK and VS Tools on this page too. Enjoy!









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    I managed to provision the Contoso Pizza in the emulator but when I press the button for ordering the pizza I get a fat internal server error 500. The stack says something like "response message does not match the content type of the binding" which I presume has to do something with the WCF settings. Any idea what could resolve this?

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