App Hack Monday #7: Xamarin

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This week Martin chats to Mike Taulty a technical evangelist at Microsoft UK about Xamarin; a cross platform tool for building Android, iOS and Windows applications.





The Discussion

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    David Hanson

    Ahhh the grand old setting of a pub. I love Britain with its drinking obsessions! Woot!

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    Yeah I find I am a lot more productive sorting portable Software architectures over a pint down the pub. Miguel and the Xamarin guys really believe in the C# language.

    Next stop Monogame development. You may be able to find Dean Ellis from Monogame team, in one of the Shorditch pubs.

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    @Jules:Weirdly just got off of a Skype call with Dean.

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    @David Hanson: I struggled with what setting to choose, so went with a pub with a very high quality brass polisher.

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    Oh, it's Friday and I wish I were sitting in a pub with a pint in hand right now.  So close...

    Great show!  I've thoroughly enjoyed the episodes thus far.  Casual, not uber-tech guru style, which is great for relative newcomers like myself.

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