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This week Martin brings you the App highlights of the build conference. To join in the conversation and receive hands-on support and guidance from UK Tech Evangelists, use #appymondays on Twitter. For more on developing for Microsoft

The talks Covered:
1: 3-653 - Go Mobile with C# and Xamarin, Miguel de Icaza
2: 2-530 - Integrating Your App into the Windows Phone Speech Experience, F Avery Bishop , Rob Chambers , Monica South.
3: 2-540 - Building a Converged Phone and PC App using HTML and JavaScript, Ryan J. Salva , Josh Williams
4: 2-506 - What's New in WinJS: The Road Ahead, Paul Gusmorino , Nitin Sharma
5: 2-616 - Mobile Push Notifications to Any Client with Azure Notification Hubs, Elio Damaggio



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