Ask the Expert: Top Reasons to Love Microsoft Edge

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    Why doesn't Edge utilize Windows 10 native UI/UX for touch text selection and employs it's own, diametrically opposite model, making users to learn that this default app works differently. Moreover, why this touch text selection UI/UX that Edge does use is not reliable, because the blue drops and context menu tend to disappear right after the initial tap-n-hold, which selects only one word - making it impossible to select the text you want and copy it.

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    When are you actually going to stop testing the extension button since it sucks. The way you implemented in hiding extensions before was good but you had to mess that up. If you are going to copy Chrome 90% of the time - why not copy Firefox on how they deal with extensions or any features in the toolbar by having a overflow button. It can even hide redundant buttons like the profile button.

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