Adding Analytics to Azure Web Sites

Play Adding Analytics to Azure Web Sites


Scott and Chandrika add the new Analytics JavaScript to one of Scott's production sites running within Azure and then explore the resulting data within the new Azure Portal.

Areas covered in this video:

  •  Analytics on the Azure Portal
  •  Add JavaScript to set up analytics
  •  View analytics from Scott's web site
  •  Drill down into specific issues exposed by analytics
  •  Monitoring verses analytics
  •  Alert rules

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The Discussion

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    Finally !!!! I have been looking for the answer to the question: what is the equivalent of "google analytics" for Microsoft :)

    QQ: can i use the JS script for a website in a different domain?

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    @jlcard. Yes. 

    Also check out Application Insights on Visual Studio Online. Currently what is exposed in the Azure Portal is a tiny bit of its capability. 
    You can instrument your code to expose any metrics you desire. Including A/B testing. ie: Exactly what did they click on & how long did they look prior to clicking. Avg Price of each order etc. 

    It also gives you complete stack trace & can link it to a specific build of your code to help step thru debug your production code even if your developers are working on a much later build. 



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    Shawn de Wet

    I've just created a new AzureWebSite, but the Analytics block in the blade for this website does not provide a link to the script that I need to insert.
    Why is that?

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    Beyers Cronje

    I have the same problem as Shawn, the Analytics block for two of my websites does not open or provide a link. Any idea?

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