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    Finally !!!! I have been looking for the answer to the question: what is the equivalent of "google analytics" for Microsoft :)

    QQ: can i use the JS script for a website in a different domain?

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    @jlcard. Yes. 

    Also check out Application Insights on Visual Studio Online. Currently what is exposed in the Azure Portal is a tiny bit of its capability. 
    You can instrument your code to expose any metrics you desire. Including A/B testing. ie: Exactly what did they click on & how long did they look prior to clicking. Avg Price of each order etc. 

    It also gives you complete stack trace & can link it to a specific build of your code to help step thru debug your production code even if your developers are working on a much later build. 



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    Shawn de Wet

    I've just created a new AzureWebSite, but the Analytics block in the blade for this website does not provide a link to the script that I need to insert.
    Why is that?

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    Beyers Cronje

    I have the same problem as Shawn, the Analytics block for two of my websites does not open or provide a link. Any idea?

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