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An introduction to the unified Azure SDK

Play An introduction to the unified Azure SDK

The Discussion

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    #cognativeBurden! absolutely! see this very useful to relieve that, also love anything which will reduce typing and give less #RSI over our lifetime :) #Thanks
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    Great video Scott. This is an area that continually frustrates the heck out of me with Azure, the plethora of splintered SDKs. There are tons of services where it's not even clear what SDK and version is the correct for new development. And then you settle on one and it changes to something completely different 6 months later. I do see the SDK downloads page now tries to make this easier, this is very new to me, so I'm hopeful it will be cleaner going forward. But even that is splintered. For example what do I use for CosmosDB today? The preview that is listed was last updated in Jan 2020, that does not feel active. Super frustrating.

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