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An overview of Azure Web PubSub

Play An overview of Azure Web PubSub

The Discussion

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    Excellent demo!!
    I have a question: if the connection between Azure Web PubSub service and application is same old state less, then how scaling works by introducing the Azure Web PubSub service in the middle?
    Is it really taking away application scale out issue? Is it going to make only one connection to application, even though there are million clients?
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    Very interesting and the demo was excellent.
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    @venkatrv: The connection from clients to Azure Web PubSub are long-living, and these connections can easily scale out by Azure Web PubSub. The connection between Azure Web PubSub and your application are short-living, and thus the scale-out is not as a big problem as the long-living ones.
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    Good news.

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