Azure API Management 101 with Josh Twist

Play Azure API Management 101 with Josh Twist


Scott talks to Josh Twist and gets an overview of the new Azure API Management Service. If you've got a Web Service, why would you want API Management? What does it add to public facing web services?

Areas covered in this video:

  •  Understanding a few reasons to create and distribute an API
  •  Learning about how to discover, use, and manage an API
  •  Understanding the API proxy is used to help collect useful data.
  •  Viewing the publisher portal.
  •  Adding and configuring an API in Azure.
  •  Trying out the API.

Useful topics and links:



API, Azure



The Discussion

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    Very cool. Looking forward to giving this a go butI have noticed it's in preview and only available in some locations so I am somewhat wary of using this for some of our more important, publicly facing APIs. 

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