Azure Advanced Web Hosting Plans

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What are Web Hosting Plans in Azure, and what kinds of advanced functionality do they hold? Scott talks with Yochay and learns how to manipulate hosting plans to best benefit.





The Discussion

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    Since the video was recorded we have updated the user experience to include moving sites between WHP. Read about it -

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    Colbert Philippe

    I suggest that a show should be made about Azure web-role only from the perspective of scalability. Web-service role scalability has already been addressed in a variety of Channel9 shows.

    We know that we have to create availability set, create an auto-scaler on the availability set and finally create a load-balancer on the availability set.

    Now how do we scale a website (web-role layer) to handle several millions of users. Is there an auto-scaler for web-role? This show talks about the load-balancer but it's not clear if there is an auto-scaler.

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