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Azure Analysis Services: Desktop PowerBI to the Cloud

Play Azure Analysis Services: Desktop PowerBI to the Cloud
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The new web modeling experience for Azure Analysis Service can supersize the models that you have built for Power BI. In this episode, Josh Caplan will show how you can take data models that were built inside the Power BI desktop and easily convert them to Azure Analysis Services models. You can then use all the Power of Azure Analysis Services to scale your model to hundreds or even thousands of users.

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The Discussion

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    Why not using Edge instead of Chrome? Do not Edge work with Edge? 

    With the small user base Edge browser have, at least Microsoft employers should use it to show they have faith in it. 


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    @showdevice: It does certainly work on Edge as well as Firefox. We want to be able to span multiple platforms with this application. We have a little bit more work to do on Safari.

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