Azure App Service API Apps with Scott Hunter

Play Azure App Service API Apps with Scott Hunter


Scott Hanselman talks with Scott Hunter about the new Azure App Service API Apps.  Scott Hunter will share how this new service helps developers build and consume Cloud APIs and participate in the API economy as well as leverage APIs and connectors as a building block for creating integrated web and mobile apps.






The Discussion

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    Steve Lee

    Do we get the OAuth "Dance" when we create node.js API apps?

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    Do you have an ETA for the Tesseract-OCR and Tesseract-FacialRecognition apps that show up in your video in the marketplace at 14:11 but that aren't in the public marketplace in Azure yet?

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    I have installed Azure SDK 2.5.1 on VS2015 CTP6, but Azure API App is not available... Is it only available for VS2013?

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    @gcapnias: Yes, currently it's only for VS 2013. 

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    @Steve Lee: You do, yes. I'll post a sample on how to make a node.js API app run on App Service as an API App. Note though that we require Swagger 2.0 metadata to light up stuff properly and currently the only modules that have proper Swagger 2.0 support on node.js are for Express (e.g. swaggerize-express). The rest are still 1.2. If you are aware of more, please let me know.

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    Azure team, you are running faster than we could imagine few years ago and you are always ahead of what we the developers would need next.

    It is more than evident that we live in the old good days of Microsoft Development but more faster, more flexible, more wide and more open.


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    So kind of like XML Web Services but better?

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    Finally, microservices on Azure! Is the Twillio example online somewhere?

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    When in the future is Azure support for API App monetization coming?

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