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    I really like how easy Logic Apps appear to make the development of enterprise integration and business process automation apps but I'm curious how configuration management and controlled deployment will work which will be a requirement for any enterprise scenario.

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    Scott, I'm real excited about the logic apps. Quick question though... I tried connecting salesforce (using default internal gateway) but it's having trouble downloading the swagger.

    What version of swagger is supported? Looks like the failed request (Error 400) is specifying format=swagger-2.0

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    As far as I understand the sql connector pulls only rows where the crm column has value 0. So therefore the workflow needs to set the value to 1 after processing the row. How does the workflow do this?

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    I am struggling to create an XML from an CSV file using the BizTalk flat file encoder. I think I am struggling in specifying the XML Schema. Any help or pointer to documentation will be useful.


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    At 5.30 Josh Twist mentions that if the server goes down and when the server is back up, the logic app will resume from the activity it was running when the server failed.
    Are Azure logic apps not High Available? Could anyone clarify this as I'm looking to use it but have High Availability requirements.


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    Armand Brunelle

    Hi Josh - I watched your logic app video using sql connection. I am trying to create a simple logic app that will run once a week, retrieve rows in a sql table using get rows and then use the mobilephone column from the sql data to send a text message using the twilio connector. I setup the recurrence fine, chose sql get rows and pointed it at the table, no problem. When I add the send text message using twilio I am unable to look at the columns in the data to select the mobile phone number.?. Not sure what I am missing. I have posted in several forums but no one has responded :( Hoping you can help! Thank you! Armand

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